5 Moving tips worth knowing

After death and divorce, a move is considered to be the third most stressful event in one’s life. However as a move is inevitable, here are some moving tips worth knowing as they help reduce the stress involved in a move.

Start early

As a move takes up lots of time, especially in packing all your things, it is important that you start planning and packing well before moving day. Though you may think you have lots of time left, this procrastination only leaves you with a shortage of time where you just slam things together to get ready to move on moving day. You need at least 4 weeks to get ready for a move, as you need a few hours to a day to pack the things in each room.

A moving organizer and checklist make a move less stressful

Though a move is stressful, the great thing about a move is that you are not the only person moving. About 1 in 8 people have to move in a given year. However no matter who moves, and where the move is, two important tools to have for a move are a moving checklist and a moving organizer.
The checklist has a pre-determined ‘to do list ‘that you have to take care of during your move. The benefit of using the checklist is that it helps ensure you are packed and ready to move on moving day. In case of the moving organizer, it carries all the important documents involved in a move like leases, mortgage documents and notes for utilities.

‘Open me first boxes’ and some suitcases

Besides the stress of a move, finding what you need as soon as you reach your new home is very stressful and time-consuming. The best thing to do to solve this dilemma is to create a suitcase or backpack with things you’d require on a 3-day vacation like clothes, toiletries, and other similar important things. T
hese items should be kept away from your other things and preferably travel with you on moving day. You could also have ‘open me first’ boxes packed to be opened first in each room. These boxes obviously hold all the things you require as soon as you reach your new home like soap, toilet paper, coffee maker and paper cups and plates.

Get rid of unnecessary things.

Instead of packing and taking things you haven’t used for years, it’s better selling or donating them to charity as it helps lighten your moving load and reduces moving expenses. You can hold a garage sale to sell your things, and use the money collected here to help pay for your move.

Have your payment ready

Always have cash ready before your professional movers unload a single box as most movers don’t honor all credit cards. Movers can also legally drive off with your things if they don’t receive their payment in their preferred mode.
By following these moving tips, you find the stress of your move considerably reduced.