How To Avoid Identity Theft Before You Even Move

Great tips on how to avoid Identity Theft before you even move.

Identity theft is becoming prevalent nowadays and thus the need to remain cautious all the time. Many identity thieves are working with moving services and thus may steal your documents in the process of transporting them. These people are clever and cunning and ensures that they get hold of your vital documents when you are preparing to move. Most of them know that due to the many things that may be in your mind, you may be less cautious about your documents. Some of the documents that they may look for to steal from you include bank statements, credit card statements, your security codes of the credit card, and your email login details among many others.

To ensure that you do not become a culprit of identity theft, ensure that you keep check to all your documents and you are alert at all times as you prepare to move lest you will regret after the identity thefts will have accomplished their mission of stealing from you.

As a way of avoiding losing your valuables to identity thieves, always ensure that you protect your and keep as secretive as possible all your personal information. It is advisable that you pay keen attention anytime when you are asked to provide information about yourself. The information may include your date of birth, postal address, and social security number, your phone number, account number among other sensitive personal information.

Before releasing any of your personal information, always ensure that you verify the person asking for them and you well know and trust them. In addition, it is advisable that you inquire from them what they are going to do with the information you give to them.

Another way to ensure your safety when you want to move and avoiding losing your property is by ensuring that you shred every document that you might leave behind and they contain your personal information that may make one to access your property. Having a paper shredder in your house is as important as having a bed. This is because this equipment helps a lot in saving you future agony of losing your money through theft by identity thieves.

Ensure that you always shred all the documents that are of no use to you and may contain sensitive personal information such as telephone numbers, personal addresses, and credit card information among others that may lead to identity theft. This is good in that it ensures that no information that one can get about you from the disposed documents. It is advisable to ensure that the papers are created to confetti rather than being shred to long, thin strips, which one can put together and get the document back again.

After securing the moving services of your goods, ensure that you use secured mailbox at all times to avoid the identity thieves get hold of any information about you. Wherever you leave your documents anywhere, for instance on the table or on the shelves in your house, you make them easily accessible which may in turn get into the hands of the thieves. It is therefore good to ensure that your personal, sensitive and important documents remain locked in a mailbox at all times.

In addition, every time you want to send documents that has personal information that is sensitive and may lead to an identity theft, use a secured mailbox. Alternatively, you can ensure that you make sure that you put the mail in a locked mailbox that is provided in the post office, thus making sure that your personal information does not leak to anybody else.

Another way to avoid identity theft before you even move is ensuring that your bills are sent to you electronically. In most cases, thieves target paper bills since they are able to access your financial information. If you have this kind of information delivered to you electronically, chances of having the information accessed by the identity thieves becomes minimal compared to when the bills are on paper.

In conclusion, it is good to trust the moving services that you hire and ensure that you create strong passwords on all the items that you have and do not save them in your electronic devices to avoid theft. In addition, it is good to be cautious of what you say over the phone since you may not know whether you are being recorded or the person on the other end is after getting your personal information to be able to steal from you.