How to find a reputable moving company

Once you finally decide it’s better to hire professional movers to help you with your move; you now face a new dilemma- How to find a reputable moving company for your move. This however should not be much of a concern if you spend some time finding out more about potential movers.
To start with, you have to list out all potential movers you can approach. Though yellow pages and web searches do help, you get better movers in leads. So ask friends, neighbors and co-workers about their experiences while moving, and ask them for suggestions. You can also get referrals from industry professionals like your leasing or real estate agents. They can give you information about movers their clients have used.

Look for state licensed movers

Now go through the list and make sure all the movers are licensed by the state. State laws tend to vary and some states don’t require that moving companies have a separate license. However in case of states that require separate licenses, make sure the licenses are valid. In addition to being licensed, make sure the movers you choose are bonded and insured as it proves the company is legitimate and financially stable.
Now that you know the basics about potential moving companies, you have to go through their past customers’ testimonials and reviews on sites like Better Business Bureau. It is normal for moving companies to have some kind of complaints; however it’s important that they try to resolve the issues.

Estimates over the phone are not reliable

While some moving companies offer to give estimates over the phone or the web, these estimates are not reliable. It is only if the movers actually visit your place to take a look at all the things that have to packed and moved will they be able to give an accurate estimate. Though this may take time, you can choose a better moving company by collecting and comparing a few moving estimates from different moving companies.
Price is important when selecting moving companies; however in addition to this, quality, safety and reliability are also important as they will be moving your priced possessions. Moreover, beware of movers who give an estimate that’s less than a third of the next lowest estimate as most of the time extremely low estimates signify desperate or inexperienced movers who are better avoided.
With the help of these tips, you finally choose the right moving company to entrust the responsibility of your move with.